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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

The Ugliest Crimes of Katrina

Who is more wrong? The looters the press is all over, or these two:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The husband-and-wife owners of a nursing home were charged with homicide because they did not evacuate 34 elderly patients who died after Hurricane Katrina struck, the first major criminal case related to the storm's still rising death toll.

Looters, mostly uneducated, poor, and desperate people were taking advantage of a situation where they could steal things.

Salvador and Mable Mangano ignored repeated warnings and offers of help to evacuate their patients, and then when things looked grim, they deserted 34 people that couldn't help themselves.

I don't think the criminal activities, overly hyped by the media, come even close to this level of selfish depravity.