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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Bush: "I take responsibility" (About Time Someone Did)

"To the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility," Bush told a White House news conference at which he openly questioned U.S. preparedness for another storm or a severe attack. (Breitbart.com)

Well, there you have it. Those on the right, the left, and somewhere in the middle... Bush has pretty much said he will take the heat for this and not point fingers. What remains to be seen is what exactly the left will change its track to now that their "its Bush's fault and he is trying to deny it" game is gone.

What will be sad is that they will ignore that he just did what he asked them to do (take the blame).

But politics wise, it is nice to see something akin to moral clarity and intellectual honesty, even if it did come about a week too late. I am glad Bush finally acknowledged that the failures of the government, regardless of department, fall on his shoulders.

I just wonder if now the Dems will push as hard for some type of "punishment" to come about, or if it was all smack talk when they thought he would play the blame game with them?