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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

New Orlean's Victims Just Need a Hurricane - From Pat O'Briens?

NYTimes ""People in Baton Rouge are looking at me funny, as if talking about bringing back music, or Mardi Gras, or the arts or football is frivolous when we're in the midst of this kind of human tragedy. But I think New Yorkers can relate," said Mr. Hines, a native of New Orleans [...] Just as it was important that Broadway not remain in the dark after Sept. 11, it's important that we start thinking about the future despite all the very depressing news around us"

-Bill Hines, the managing partner at Jones Walker, a leading New Orleans-based corporate lawfirm

Not exactly the same thing at all Bill, Broadway was something symbolic. A half-assed Mardi Gras wont be.

Now I love me some capitalism, and know it is the primary driving factor behind the United States being the sole surviving world super power… but its this kind of stuff that makes it look bad. Guys come on, booze, boobs, and bucks really are NOT what New Orleans needs to “lighten the mood”.