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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Egyptian Guards Shoot "Gazans" (i.e. Palestinians). But I Thought Only Israelis Did That?

Egyptian guards, meanwhile, failed for a second straight day to control a rush across the Gaza-Egypt border, which was a formidable barrier when patrolled by Israel. With the Israelis gone, Gazans dug under walls and climbed over barriers to get to Egypt, where they stocked up on cheap cigarettes, medication and cheese. Egyptian forces on Monday fatally shot a Palestinian during the mad rush, witnesses said. (AP)

But when Israeli forces did it, they were murderous occupiers just abusing an oppressed people. Thanks AP, I need some more spin with my coffee.

Bottom line, those "peace loving" Palestinians are acting like a bunch of kids let loose in a candy store. The Israelis have pulled out, and the neither the Egyptians nor the PLA can do anything about it with out resorting to violence. But I'm sure this will be excused by the objective media.