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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

This Lame Duck’s “Quacks” Might Echo For Decades (Roberts Being Ignored?)

This President, for all his strengths and faults, will leave a legacy. Although not one he probably envisioned, the 43rd President will have a lasting impact on the direction of the United States.

By now replacing the late Chief Justice Rehnquist, and retiring Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, this President will have the potential to dramatically shift the political balance of the highest court in the land.

Most assume that by pushing Judge Roberts name from Associate Justice into the Chief Justice nomination slot, President Bush will now nominate a woman. This would be a highly desirable political move. Not for the President though, but for the remaining Republicans after Mr. Bush has moved on his way.

With Congress being labored with other critical issues listing from Katrina to Iraq, some of the leading Democrats that have been banking their political future on fighting the President’s nominations may be left dangling in the breeze.

Our nation is faced with some serious course altering events. America’s introduction to global terrorism, preemptive wars to tame future problems, and now the urgent need to for a rehab to our oil addiction have all gotten the spotlight. But at the core of the U.S., in its societal norms and behaviors, these two appointments may be the fabric that weave a new America, and decide how they face the issues left on center stage.