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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

What do Ya Mean We Cant Abuse Animals for Food "Delicacies"?

Veterinarians and animal rights activists on Tuesday described in graphic detail how geese and ducks suffer while being force-fed to create the liver delicacy known as foie gras. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Chalk this up under “What the Heck?”

First off, why would anyone WANT to eat a liver that has been fattened up by force feeding a goose food until their enlarged liver fails? Second question: why is this allowed anywhere in the US?

In their defense, Illinois Resturant Association President Colleen McShane said “"What about chicken. Is chicken next? Will they ban the sale of lamb and veal? If you start, where do you stop?"

Ah, dude, a chicken is killed very quickly and cleanly. You know you’re talking out of your ass here right?