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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Mexico Calls US Immigration Laws Shameful (Pot Calling the Kettle Black?)

Mexico thinks tougher immigration laws are “Shameful”… I think the way you allow your people to violate our laws and ask us to accept it is shameful.

(AP) Diplomats from Mexico and Central America on Monday demanded guest worker programs and the legalization of undocumented migrants in the United States, while criticizing a U.S. proposal for tougher border enforcement.

"Migrants, regardless of their migratory status, should not be treated like criminals," they said.

"There has to be an integrated reform that includes a temporary worker program, but also the regularization of those people who are already living in receptor countries," Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said.

Mexicans working in the United States are a huge source of revenue for Mexico, sending home more than $16 billion in remittances in 2004, Mexico's second largest source of foreign currency after oil exports according to the country's central bank.

Aguilar also said migrants "don't emigrate because they lack work, but rather for a series of other reasons, cultural reasons or better living conditions."

I’m pretty sure this one is bi-partisan. None of like the idea of open flow immigration from Mexico, and I hope none of us support wide spread regularization of existing illegals.

Mexico wants to have both sides of this. They get the income from migrant workers coming back into their country, but the workers themselves are staying out of the country. That means they don’t have to support the infrastructure or social architecture to support those workers.

If you don’t want us to treat migrants like criminals, then start helping us stop ILLEGAL immigration.