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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

Which One Is More Ridiculous? (Immigration Protests Abound)

300,000 people protesting for the right to break the law and get away with it:

(BREITBART.com) More than 300,000 people marched through the streets of Chicago for immigration rights as cheers, songs and the beat of drums drowned out the sound of cars honking in support.

A seemingly endless sea of people holding signs calling for amnesty for illegal immigrants and an end to deportation and raids walked beneath a colorful array of flags chanting "we want to pay taxes" and "we want to own homes" in Spanish.

Or the fact that without them, parts of the American industry shut down?

(LA TIMES.com) The normally bustling downtown Los Angeles produce and garment districts were virtually shut down today, and truck traffic at the ports was down sharply after many employees protesting the nation's immigration policy's did not show up for work.

The dearth of activity in the produce and garment districts, both heavily dependent on immigrant labor, was so far the most dramatic sign of the impact of today's organized immigration protests on local commerce. Only sporadic business closures and staffing shortages reported across the remainder of Southern California.

What has happened to our country? Is this the first sign of “Re-Conquistadores”? Who is really responsible? Do you deport the worker, or arrest the employer? I think we’ve got ourselves a fine mess that our politicians have avoided for too long, and now it’s EVERYONE’S problem.