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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

I Reject Europe

For awhile now (approximately 6 years) we’ve been the butt of most geopolitical jokes in Europe. We’ve dealt with their mockery of our President. We’ve dealt with their condescending attitude towards our foreign policy. We’ve dealt with their self-righteous condemnation of our actions in various regions of the world.

This attitude, for reasons that elude me, has rubbed off on the aristocrats of our society, as well as the proletariat (the industrial working class). I say the wealthy because aside from what is often demonized as the “rich”, there is another class of people that have more than enough money, and too much time. Hollywood and the New England area are full of this new American royalty.

Side Note: The bourgeoisie (which in modern use refers to the wealthy classes in a capitalist society) are somehow classified into a different demographic than their rich counterparts in the aristocracy. This is why the American-royal so often attacks the bourgeoisie, because it shifts the ever present wealth envy from them to “rich”.

We often hear about the current atrocities that United States armed forces are committing. We hear of inhumane treatment at POW camps. We hear about lies told to gain acceptance for devious plots. We hear about the damage we are doing to the world that far outweighs the good. In general, we hear about how bad we are, and how bad what we do is.

Most of this comes from Europe, which in turn is digested by our society, and like the melting pot that we are, eventually becomes part of our own society. The chief perception that forced upon us is the idea that the United States is “Young” nation. That we, like a “young child” are going about our business without the responsibility and/or wisdom of an “adult”.

With this suggestion is the inherent insinuation that the “older” nations of Europe know better, and we’d be wise to listen to them. I REJECT THAT!

The first thing I reject is the notion that our nation (any nation for that matter) can be attributed to a child, an adult, or a person for that matter. Primarily because there is no one person running any one country that has been alive long enough to actually make that comparison. If France’s President was a 350 year old man, then perhaps there’d be something to this, but for the most part, nations are not kids on the playground, they are conglomerations of various diverse people, and usually reflect the general will of those people (in freely elected governments).

Next, I reject the notion that the relatively short history of the United States in any way reflects on their ability to pull experience from history. Our nation was not suddenly born. I was built from the expansion of Europe’s oldest and most powerful empires. It contains probably more diversity and “experience” than any other nation in the world. If looking at the realities of lessons learned, the United States has more combined experience than any other state on the planet.

Lastly, I reject that Europe somehow holds the answers we need. I reject that Europe has any sage advice that the United States needs to listen to. In the time the United States has been around, Europe has caused two global depressions that caused millions to go homeless and hungry for years to come. It has caused and been the stage for two global wars that caused devastation on a scale unprecedented. It was the birth place for Nazi fascists and their death camps for millions of Jews. It was the birth place for Marxist communism that then turned into brutal Stalinism which opened the door for famine, poverty, the gulags, and eventually the global threat of nuclear war with the cold war.

Europe has had more bloody and violent revolutions in it’s past than any other region on earth. It was the center for brutal colonization and oppression in the sake of the “crown’s” empirical ambitions. It was the birth of Christian radicalism and oppression via the Catholic Church, the Church of England, etc. It has had more religious wars and related destruction than any other region on earth. It launched the crusades against Islam which is still the base cause of today’s terrorism threat.

I REJECT EUROPE and all of their self-assumed importance, wisdom, intuition, and ideology. The United States is not perfect. No nation is. We’ve made mistakes, and we will make more. We will have good leaders and bad ones. We will launch one man’s liberation while committing another man’s oppression. We will give aid when needed, and withhold support when we shouldn’t. We will act diligently in our own interests, and dally when we otherwise should act. We will collude with undesirable leaders around the globe, and condemn others.

This is the way of nations. Europe is not different, no better, and no worse. But I will no longer sit by and listen to my fellow American’s regurgitate the false impression that we are any worse than other nations out there. I love my country, and I’m proud of her. I am thankful that we are blessed with the ability and opportunity to have such an impact in the world. I pray that our elected leaders make wise choices, but understand they will make mistakes, and I forgive them for that knowing that the weight they carry must be an awesome burden.

God Bless America.