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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Merkel and Schroder both win! Does this mean Germany (and the EU) looses?

Watch out EU, your about see economic disparity.

With votes counted in 98% of districts, Mrs Merkel's Christian Democrats had won 35.3% of the vote; Mr Schroder's party 34.2%; the Free Democrats 9.8%, the Left party 8.6% and the Greens 8.1%. (Guardian)

Observers said the inconclusive result was likely to hit the euro and financial markets. The German stock market had rallied strongly in the run-up to the election on hopes that the Christian Democrats would win and form a coalition with the FDP. (FT.com) But all that has changed now, the Euro already fell against the dollar in early trading Asian markets.

Will the BBC blame this on Bush and America too (BBC Biased Against America)? Or will someone in Europe finally concede that the past 15 years of encroaching socialism has slowly decayed their economy? We “greedy” capitalists may be on to something here. Looks like Germany almost got it.