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Friday, September 16, 2005 

America's Left Should Take Economics 101 from Germany

The far liberal left in America sings the praises of a welfare-state, socialized economic model. They dismiss the concerns raised by the right as "greedy capitalists" trying to get richer. For a quick education on the realities of both, Germany's current election may give a lot of insight on these two competing philosophies.

"If Merkel [conservative Christian Democratic] gets her majority, the former physicist can move ahead with proposals to streamline the tax system, make it easier for small companies to fire people, and loosen the rigid labor market - ways to attack the country's 11.4 percent unemployment rate and troublingly low rates of economic growth.

The election crossroads are a key test of whether one of the motors of Europe's economy will move toward more competition and less government regulation, or cling to the social welfare state that was spectacularly successful in the postwar era but is foundering today.

Schroeder called for an early election, a year ahead of time, in frustration at resistance to his own attempts to fix the economy. After seven years in power, he has seen unemployment hit record highs, and his limited measures cutting taxes and long-term jobless benefits are slow to show convincing results. (AP)

After seven years of left leaning economic guidance, Germany has ridiculously high unemployment and virtually no economic growth. The only way to fix it is to cut taxes and make business friendly labor laws.

Why have Democrats been saying tax cuts and business friendly laws as evil? Do they desire miserable employment rates and a stagnant economy? Or is this political pandering?